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Asian Journal of Social Science book review

"The book has offfered a detailed history of the transnational movement of Bollywood dance as it transforms into stage performances through the narratives of its performers, which is one of the book’s strong points....It will be a useful resource for those who are a part of this intellec- tual debate in questioning the notion of global-local authenticity and whether or not the Bollywood fijilm culture is still ‘specifijically’ Indian or what Shresthova claims as ‘hybrid’."  

Czech Dance Magazine feature on Sangita

"Narodila se v Praze, ale vyrůstala v Káthmándú. Její maminka je Česka, tatínek Nepálec. Dodnes je Sangita Shresthová usmiřuje a harmonizuje silou tance. Její choreografie v sobě pojí klasícký indický i moderní tanec. Svůj taneční styl proto pojmenovala speciálním názvem - bollynatyam, odkazujíci na spojení principů bollywoodu a klasické formy indického tance - bharatanatjam.  

Times of India Coverage of Bollynatyam

"While Indian classical dancers turn up their noses at this less refined form of entertainment, Shresthova says that’s where its appeal lies. “Students find it malleable and fun....Students can quickly adapt movements to suit their skill level,” explains the student of Bharatnatyam and Kalaripayattu. It’s perhaps this all-are-welcome gene in the Bollywood dance DNA that’s made Shresthova’s firm, Bollynatyam a hit."  

Marie Claire Feature 
"Love 'em or hate 'em, the world cannot resist Bollywood moves. Neither could US-based dancer and media artist Sangita Shresthova. Her new book Is It All About the Hips? Around the World with Bollywood dance explores the deep cultural influences behind the jhatkas.
The Hindu book review

“Well-researched study about what are generally relegated as item numbers….Describing Bollywood dance, as it is practised today, as a unique film-based global dance phenomenon, the author takes the reader to locations around the world, such as Mumbai, Kathmandu, and Los Angeles.”

Nepali Times feature on Sangita

"It is probably Sangita's cosmopolitan upbringing and academic rigour that makes such a deeper understanding of this genre possible. As Bollywood is Hollywood-ised and sheds dance sequences, Sangita's book ensures that the musical interludes we still get to see in Bollywood cinema will never be the same again.”

Reginald Massey Review in Dancing Times (UK)

“Bollywood dance, which now have worldwide currency, has thus far not been written about seriously. However, this worthy and well researched book is a step in the right direction.” 

The Sunday Indian review

“The book, which zigzags through India, Nepal, the United States, is a fine blend of in depth research, humour, and astute cultural sensitivity...Is It All About Hips? has a lot more to say besides hip movements and pelvic thrusts..” 

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