Selected Workshops/Presentations


MDLAB - Beirut

By Any Media Necessary (August 2016)

Transmedia Worldbuilding for Civic Engagement

Digital Media and Learning (2016)

By Any Media Necessary - Interview

May 2016

Finding Your Story Webinar. (2014)

Transmedia, Hollywood 4:

Spreading Change, By Any Media Necessary: Activism in a DIY Culture (2013)

Akademi Frame By Frame

Hindi Film Dance Histories (2011)

Czech TV

Indian Film Festival (2011)

Futures of Entertainment

From Participatory Culture to Political Participation (2012)

Nepal TV

Sangita interviewed about dance (2008)

List of Other Workshops/Presentations


Guest scholar. Salzburg Academy (July 2015).


Panelist, The Civic Media Project: Citizens Technologies & Learning in a Digital Culture Panel. Digital Media and Learning Conference (June 2015). 


Webinar. Histories and Futures of DML. (May 2015).


Workshop Co-Organizer. Think Critically, Act Creatively. Project Zero Perspectives. October 2014.


Webinar. "By Any Media" Resource. Educator Innovator. (September 2014)


Conference Panel/Workshop Co-Organizer. Think Critically, Act Creatively. Digital Media and Learning Conference (March 7, 2014).


Conference Panel Organizer/Moderator. By Any Media Necessary: Activism in a DIY Culture. Transmedia Hollywood Conference at UCLA (April 12, 2013)


Conference Presentation. Dancing for Democracy? On Bollywood Flashmobs, New Media, and Activism. Digital Media and Learning Conference (March 15, 2013)


Conference Panel Organizer/Moderator. From Participatory Culture to Political Participation. Futures of Entertainment Conference at MIT (Nov 9, 2012)


Conference Presentation. Participatory Culture Civics: How HPA and IC Engage Youth. Digital Media and Learning Conference (March 1, 2012) (with Neta Kligler Vilenchik)


Conference Panel Organizer. When Fans Become Activists. Digital Media and Learning Conference (March 5, 2011)


Conference Panel Organizer. From Fan Activism to Political Activism: Participatory Democracy around Popular Media Affinity Groups. Digital Media and Learning Conference (February 14, 2010)


Conference Presentation. Global Bollywood. MIT6 Media in Transition Conference (April 2009)


Conference Presentation. Local Bodies, Global Travels. Congress On Dance Research Anniversary Conference (November 2007)


Conference Presentation. Trans-national Dimensions of Bollywood Dance in Nepal. PCA/ACA Annual Conference (April 2007)


Conference Presentation. MIT3 Media in Transition Conference (May 2003)


G U E S T   L E C T U R E S / M E D I A


Guest Lecture. Between Storytelling and Surveillance: American Muslim Youth Negotiate Culture, Politics and New Media. Radio Free Europe Radio Europe (March 12, 2014)


Event Organizer/Moderator. Storytelling and Digital Age Civics. Connected Learning TV series (January 2014)


Session Speaker. Invisible Children Fourth Estate Event at UCLA (August 5, 2013)


Guest Lecture. Bollywood Cultures and Globalizations. Charles University (October 8, 2013)


Webinar Speaker. Click Activism: Youth Civic Engagement Through Online Participatory Cultures. Webinar on CYFERnet (Dec 3, 2012) (with Neta Kligler Vilenchik)


Guest Lecture. Dancing to a Global Bollywood Beat? Between Film and Live Performance. Institute of Musicological Research (IMR) South Asia Music and Dance Forum, University of London (January 20, 2012)


Event Co-Organizer and Moderator. DREAMing Out Loud Symposium. University of Southern California (November 2011) (with Arely Zimmerman)


Guest Lecture. Bollywood Migrations. Presentation at Transmedia Generation Symposium, Charles University (June 11, 2012)


Invited Speaker. Dreaming of Shah Rukh Khan? Dancing to a Bollywood Beat in Prague. Universitaet Wien Shah Rukh Khan and Global Bollywood Conference (August 2010)


Keynote Speaker. Frame by Frame Bollywood Symposium. Akademi, Royal Opera House, London (June 13, 2009)


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